Example of an essay on People and Nature

People and Nature

The essay on nature

Man is an integral part of nature. But in a short (historical) period of time, this axiom has undergone significant inflation – so much so that at the end of it one can safely put a question mark. So what is a human being? Part of nature? Its enemy? Or is man standing above nature?

In the short period of time in the life of the Earth, in which mankind exists, we have changed the appearance of nature more than all the natural disasters combined. We have become mighty, we have tamed the power of the atom and went into space, and it seems sometimes that we are about to comprehend all the secrets of the universe. But what do we use the power given to us? With the frenzy of fanatics, a man remakes nature, not particularly thinking about the consequences and whether he is digging a hole for himself. The “second nature” is sometimes called civilization by publicists. But sometimes it seems that Strugatsky’s pesonage is right, claiming that we are just cripples bragging about our crutches…

And tragically, and in part even ridiculous are then the attempts of mankind to save the species, which itself put on the verge of death – some of the purely practical motives (at least it can be understood), some – forcing out of their natural habitat. But how to understand, for example, the extermination of a wandering pigeon, whose number numbered billions of copies and which of pure fun completely destroyed?

A friend of mine, a doctor of biology and a friend of the famous Gerald Darrell, once told me: “Humanity and the Earth interact in the same way as the virus and the human body. We act like a disease, and like any disease, the outcome can be two. Either the Earth gets rid of us and heals…or we win. Just as AIDS defeats drug addicts.

This phrase plunged me into meditation for a long time and after a while I realized with unpleasant surprise that my interlocutor is right. Earthquakes aren’t they a fever of nature? And global warming – isn’t it the fever of the influencing Earth?

A couple of days later, I remembered that there was another form of interaction between microorganisms and the carrier. Symbiosis. And learning to be symbiotes is probably the only hope that the Earth will not “shake” us off as annoying parasites.

And yet, no matter how far away from nature we are, we are part of it. Not one year of horseback riding, I can assert it with absolute confidence. It is by coming to the stables, spending several hours in the saddle, exploring the surrounding forests and fields that I feel truly alive. It’s like nature is blowing away all the stress of a long week of work, dust, smog and mud in the metropolis. And I really don’t want to go back to my concrete bag. And isn’t that proof of what a person really is? And if we remember, how many diseases are treated by dolphins? And it is those diseases that are treated with medicines and traditional medicine. And any catwoman will say that his pet is the best “anti-stress” in the world.

Yes, we are stronger and more dangerous than any predator. Nature has given us the most terrible weapon – our mind. We only use them not more reasonable than a chimpanzee – a machine gun. And it is time, perhaps, for the strong of the world and us, ordinary mortals, to change something seriously in ourselves, until nature rejected us, as a foreign body, which she, by mistake, and gave birth to herself.

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